Here are some links to various pages connected to the themes of my blog. I’ll add to them periodically.

Life to the Full

Ann Voskamp, whose book changed my life:

A link to purchase her book:

An article by Tim Keller on idolatry:


Crohn’s Disease



(Especially her info page on the Norovirus – this has helped allay many of my fears about this illness)


Pre-eclampsia / Eclampsia

Basic information from the helpful NHS:

Action on Pre-Eclampsia, a UK charity which campaigns for better diagnosis and treatment, as well as offering support to sufferers and their families:

Bliss, a charity for families of babies born prematurely:

Facebook page for survivors of the disease (I have found this page so helpful in processing what happened to me, and finding other people who understood what we had been through):



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